Telecommunication Services Project

Telecommunication Services Project

The Case

Trading Company in Beekeeping experiences high costs in telecoms services.

The target is to cut down cost for fixed lines, internet and mobiles without impacting business efficiency and formulate and implement a clear Mobile and Internet usage policy for their employees and associates

The Challenge

Following a detailed analysis of the company’s needs and several discussions with the key stakeholders, LPS and the team identified the following issues:

  • 36 mobile & 4G connections with significant usage variations
  • Different fixed line & mobile providers
  • Difficulties in controlling assets (mobile phones, tablets etc)
  • Lack of Mobile phone policy

The Steps

LPS, utilizing international practices and tools :

  • Categorized and Standardized company’s needs
  • Designed Mobile and Internet usage policy
  • Proposed changes in technical equipment and the utilization of new technologies (Cloud Business Telephony, etc)
  • Performed Market research
  • Submitted a proposal with a detailed project roadmap and expected cost reductions

The Results

The company:

  • Achieved a 28% cost reduction while improved quality and service level
  • Secured one provider for mobile, fixed lines & Internet
  • Implemented a new process to monitor & control assets
  • Implemented a new Mobile and Internet usage policy according to international standards
  • Secured a new agreement with beneficial terms & conditions for the company, including volume rebates