What you can do…when you cannot do anything…

What you can do…when you cannot do anything…

Each one of us has experienced more than once in life difficult situations either in personal or professional field. Unpleasant moments or periods where we felt that there was no way out and we found ourselves desperate and unable to identify any solution. In this article we are focusing on business problems solving with five hints that we believe can help us find easier and faster our way out:

1.Relax and take deep breaths

Stress is not helping to use our mind at the maximum extend and find solutions. On the contrary it makes us feel more trapped and hopeless. Therefore, as a first step, try to relax and take some deep breaths, ideally in a nice, quiet and calm environment as the seaside where we can listen to the waves or at home listening to nice music and enjoying a hot bath. Deep breaths are really essential to help us relax.

2. Exercise, sleep well & eat properly

While being in difficult situations is not the right time to get drunk, eat junk food and stay awake all night watching TV. It might seem that it helps to avoid thinking about the problem, however dramatically reduces our thinking clarity and strengths. Even though it is difficult to convince ourselves to go to the gym and have a salad for dinner instead of a burger, a long walk and a homemade sandwich will help to keep our body and mind strong and productive.

3.Take distance & be the consultant of yourself

What if this situation was happening to one of your colleagues or friends? What your advice would be? The difficult point when we are having a problem is that we are emotionally involved and emotions are not helping to evaluate properly the situation and identify right solutions. So if we can take distance from the problem and handle it as it belonged to someone else, we will be able to evaluate it properly and reveal possible ways out.

4.Remember “It will go”

“Nothing is Forever” especially when we are talking about business problems, no matter how difficult they are. When we are into the situation sometimes we feel like we cannot overcome them but this is not true. Thinking that this is just a phase that we are into and will go with time as several difficult situations in our lives have gone so far, can help us reduce the stress and the pressure we feel and clear our minds.

5. Think “out of the box”

This is a useful and effective problem handling approach not only in difficult situations but in general. Avoid looking for solutions & answers already given or implemented or even what other people are doing. Feel free to brainstorm and come up with different ideas and approaches. Not all of them will be useful but definitely will help you create new ways and options and get the solutions you are looking for.

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